MF DOOM - Expektoration Live
Expektoration is a 2010 live album by MF DOOM, recorded in New York. This performance was originally released as a DVD packaged with the 2007 expanded edition of MM.. Food. The album has a Klingon theme, with the upside-down Klingon Empire logo on the front cover, DOOM's hype man Big Benn Klingon, and samples from the Power Klingon language kit throughout the set.

A microsite ( was created to promote the release.
Release Date:
September 14, 2010
Gold Dust Media

1. "Act 1" ("Hoe Cakes", "Kon Queso", "Kon Karne", "One Beer", "Beef Rapp", "Vomitspit", "Meat Grinder", "Accordion", "All Caps", "Curls", "Figaro", "People Places Things") (30:06)
2. "Intermission" (1:36)
3. "Act 2" ("Go with the Flow", "Doomsday", "Hey!", "Rhymes Like Dimes", "Change the Beat", "The Fine Print") (19:38)

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