KMD - Black Bastards
Black Bastards (or Bl_ck B_st_rds) is an album by KMD, released in 2001 through Sub Verse Records. Initially, the album was scheduled for release in 1993, but Elektra Records canceled the album, reportedly due to the controversial cover art, which shows a Sambo figure being lynched, and its Black nationalist, Five-Percenter lyrics. However, the album displayed no obvious Five-Percenter rhetoric, yet the project was racially candid, as demonstrated by the album title, its cover art, and the sample collage intro.

Zev Love X's brother DJ Subroc was killed when he was struck by a car shortly before the album was completed.

Rare and demo tracks recorded during the making of this album were released on a vinyl-only EP titled Black Bastards Ruffs + Rares in 1998.

The album was re-released in 2008 by MF DOOM's own Metal Face Records.
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(Bonus Tracks, Producer(s))

1. Garbage Day #3 (2:14) (Subroc)
2. Get-U-Now (2:27) (Subroc)
3. What A Nigga Know? (3:26) (KMD)
4. Sweet Premium Wine (3:09) (Subroc)
5. Plumskinzz (Loose Hoe, God & Cupid) (1:43) (KMD)
6. Smokin' That Shit (4:40) (Subroc)
7. Contact Blitt (2:42) (Zev Love X)
8. Gimme (3:50) (KMD)
9. Black Bastards (4:00) (Subroc)
10. It Sounded Like A Roc! (4:34) (Subroc)
11. Plumskinzz (Oh No I Don't Believe It!) (1:40) (Subroc)
12. Constipated Monkey (2:47) (KMD, Q4)
13. Fuck Wit Ya Head (4:35) (KMD)
14. Suspended Animation (2:20) (KMD)
15. What A Nigga Know? (Remix) (3:36) (KMD)
16. Q3-113 (1:10) (KMD)



* "Garbage Day #3" Contains a sample of "Voices" by Melvin Van Peebles, Reggin' Hanging On In There As Best As They Can" by Melvin Van Peebles, and Christmas Rappin'" by Kurtis Blow

* "Get U Now Contains a sample of "Constipated Monkey" by Kain

* "What A Nigga Know" Contains a sample of "Looking for a New Love" by Jody Watley

* "Fuck Wit Ya Head" Contains a sample of "Pearl" by The Mamas & the Papas, "I Like Funky Music" by Uncle Louie, and "Harlem Preacher" by Kain

* "Smokin' That Shit!" Contains a sample of "Funky Butt" by The Delegates

* "Contact Blitt" Contains a sample of "Mr. Kenyatta" by Lee Morgan

* "Plumskinzz (Oh No I Don't Believe It!)" Contains a sample of "Blacks & Blues" by Bobbi Humphrey

* "Sweet Premium Wine" Contains a sample of "The New Dance Craze" by The Five Stairsteps

* "Black Bastards" Contains a sample of "Harlem Preacher" by Kain

* "Suspended Animation" Contains a sample of "Baby Come Back" by Player, and "Uphill Piece of Mind" by Kid Dynamite

* "Constipated Monkey" Contains a sample of "Belly Button Window" by Jimi Hendrix, and "Constipated Monkey" by Kain

* "What A Nigga Know (remix)" Contains a sample of "Pieces of a Man" by Gil Scott-Heron, and "The Real Thing" by Little Richard

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