Metal Fingers - Special Herbs, Vol. 2 (Special Herbs Vols. 1 & 2)
Special Herbs, Vol. 2 is the second album in the Special Herbs series of instrumental works released by Daniel Dumile under the Metal Fingers moniker. As with the previous volume, each track is named after a herb or similar flora, with the possibly ironic exceptions of mass-produced food additives monosodium glutamate and Red 40.

The album's title is slightly misleading, in that it is not an entirely new volume: the first installment in the Metal Fingers series, Special Herbs, Vol. 1, appears again as the first nine tracks of Vol. 2, and a note on the cover explains that the latter "contains Volumes 1 & 2". For this reason, the album is also commonly known as Special Herbs, Vols. 1 & 2. The difference in record labels on which the two albums were released explains this quirk.
Release Date:
High Times Records
(Bonus Tracks, Producer(s))

1. Saffron (3:24) (Metal Fingers)
2. Arrow Root (3:45) (Metal Fingers)
3. Zatar (3:14) (Metal Fingers)
4. Fenugreek (3:22) (Metal Fingers)
5. Sumac Berries (3:34) (Metal Fingers)
6. Coriander (3:03) (Metal Fingers)
7. Shallots (4:00) (DJ Subroc)
8. Charnsuka (2:19) (Metal Fingers)
9. Monosodium Glutamate (2:40) (Metal Fingers)
10. Red #40 (3:39) (Metal Fingers)
11. Nettle Leaves (3:28) (Metal Fingers)
12. Mullein (4:40) (Metal Fingers)
13. Mugwort (2:26) (Metal Fingers)
14. All Spice (3:00) (Metal Fingers)
15. Lovage (3:57) (Metal Fingers)
16. Eucalyptus (2:43) (Metal Fingers)
17. Myrrh (6:36) (Metal Fingers)


Trivia: In 2004 High Times released a "Reissue" with the same Catalog Number but a different cover (orange).


* "Saffron" Contains a sample from "Hogin' Machine" by Les Baxter, from the Hell's Belles soundtrack.
* "Zatar" Contains a sample from "Been So Long" by Anita Baker
* "Monosodium Glutamate" Contains a sample from "One Hundred Ways" by Quincy Jones, from the album The Dude.
* "Red #40" Contains a sample from "Rocket In The Pocket" by Cerrone.
* "Nettle Leaves" Contains samples from "It's a New Day" by Skull Snaps, from the album Skull Snaps, and from "Eastern Market" by Yusef Lateef, from the album Yusef Lateef's Detroit.
* "Mugwort" Contains a sample from "Hangin' On" by Coke Escovedo from the album Comin' at Ya.
* "Lovage" Contains a sample from "True Love" by Faze-O.
* "Myrrh" Contains samples from "Friends" by Whodini, from the album Escape and from "Friends and Strangers" by Ronnie Laws, from the album Friends And Strangers.
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