Metal Fingers - Special Herbs, Vol. 4 (Special Herbs Vols. 3 & 4)
Special Herbs, Vol. 4 is an album of instrumental works released by Daniel Dumile under the Metal Fingers moniker, the fourth part of his Special Herbs series. Following the pattern set by previous installments of the series, each track is named for a herb or similar flora.

The album's title is slightly misleading, in that it is not an entirely new volume: the third installment in the Metal Fingers series, Special Herbs, Vol. 3, appears again here as the first eight tracks of Vol. 4. For this reason, the album is also commonly known as Special Herbs, Vols. 3 & 4. The difference in record labels on which the two albums were released explains this quirk, similar to the earlier inclusion of Vol. 1 as the first part of Vol. 2.
Release Date:
September 23, 2003
Nature Sounds
(Bonus Tracks, Producer(s))

1. Agrimony (3:00) (Metal Fingers)
2. Arabic Gum (3:27) (Metal Fingers)
3. Benzoin Gum (4:21) (Metal Fingers)
4. Bergamot Wild (3:34) (Metal Fingers)
5. Calamus Root (2:33) (Metal Fingers)
6. Dragon's Blood Resin (3:32) (Metal Fingers)
7. Elder Blossoms (2:59) (Metal Fingers)
8. Styrax Gum (3:32) (Metal Fingers)
9. Blood Root (2:07) (Metal Fingers)
10. Star Anis (2:50) (Metal Fingers)
11. Lemon Grass (2:47) (Metal Fingers)
12. Four Thieves Vinegar (3:24) (Metal Fingers)
13. Galangal Root (3:49) (Metal Fingers)
14. Spikenard (3:37) (Metal Fingers)
15. Cinquefoil (2:45) (Metal Fingers)
16. Hyssop (2:32) (Metal Fingers)



* "Blood Root" Contains a sample from "For Love (I Come Your Friend)" by George Duke, from the album The Aura Will Prevail.
* "Galangal Root" Contains a sample from "Walk on By" by Isaac Hayes, from the album Hot Buttered Soul.
* "Spikenard" Contains a sample from "Ain't No Price on Happiness" by The Spinners, from the album Mighty Love.
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