Metal Fingers - Special Herbs, Vols. 9 & 0
Special Herbs, Vols. 9 & 0 is an instrumental album released by Daniel Dumile under the moniker Metal Fingers. As with all volumes of Special Herbs released by Metal Fingers, each track is named after a herb or similar flora (with the exception of "Untitled (Meditation)").

Although an instrumental album, some tracks contain sampled speech, such as "Food... we need food!" in "Vervain" and "Peach fuzz!" in "Peach Extract". The track "Coca Leaf" is based around vocal samples of singing women.
Release Date:
July 12, 2005
Shaman Works
(Bonus Tracks, Producer(s))

1. Vinca Rosea (3:00) (Metal Fingers)
2. Burdock Root (3:32) (Metal Fingers)
3. Vervain (2:59) (Metal Fingers)
4. Bergamot (3:33) (Metal Fingers)
5. Podina (2:07) (Metal Fingers)
6. Untitled (Meditation) (3:56) (Metal Fingers)
7. Coltsfoot Leaf (3:41) (Metal Fingers)
8. Orris Root Powder (3:37) (Metal Fingers)
9. Passion Flower (4:04) (Metal Fingers)
10. Yellow Dock (4:22) (Metal Fingers)
11. Datura Stramonium (3:02) (Metal Fingers)
12. Coca Leaf (3:51) (Metal Fingers)
13. Peach Extract (4:07) (Metal Fingers)



* "Vervain" contains a sample from the 1960 Spiderman Cartoon
* "Coltsfoot Leaf" Contains a sample from the film, Central Station.
* "Orris Root Powder" Contains a sample from Arthur Verocai - Na Boca Do Sol
* "Passion Flower" Contains a sample from Arthur Verocai - Seriado
* "Datura Stramonium" Contains sample from the Fat Albert cartoon

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