Follow the light ... the light is your guide ...
I am controller of Planet X
And I've invited you here to discuss something that's very important

King Geedorah, take me to your leader
Quick to claim that he not no snake like, "Me neither"
They need to take a breather
He been rhyming longer than Sigmund the sea creature
Been on Saturday feature -- pleased to meet cha'
And came to wake you up out the deep sleeper, like --
He needed to stop before he caught the knee-drop
Even give you more zip-zip then ZZ Top
On full beers, though shall not ball corners
Geedorah like, "One more step, and y'alls goners"
So-called rich, front if y'all wanna
When he spit electrics don't be in y'all saunas
He only here to warn us what the plan is
The hour is upon us, it's bananas
Born alone die alone, no matter who your man is
Hope he live long enough to tell it to his grandkids
King Geedorah, three-finger ring fever
Spring chicken eater, ID'ed as the ringleader
Who needs a heater? Catch 'em with bare hands
These same hands that make razors out beer cans
His own biggest fan
And got a fan base as big as Japan
Uh ... yeah ... and?
All hail the king! And give him three cheers, fam
Like, hip hip hooray!
Do his thing for the little kids like Sling Blade

To the grave, put in work like a slave
On how to flip scripts on the dipstick brigade
Rock 'em like "Su-su-sudio" played
Back when we used to rock the shag, no fade
This skilled trade like a tailor made suede
Hit the studio -- and I'm paid
Half upfront, half upon mastering
"Would you like that in cash," last thing you should ask the king
You don't have to be no crystal ball reader
Allergic to salt pita, used to be a wall beater
In the game like a Wall Street cheater
A lot of rap noise is annoying like Cita
Turn into a triple-X monster from a fairy tale movie
He don't know me very well, do he?
King Geedorah, crush on his seed's teacher
They need to pay her better, she had nothing on the reefer
Heifer, and I had to offer her a stick of gum
She was as thick as they come, and taught a strict curriculum
Which is only good for my son
When I'm in the hood? Razor's on tongue
Nowadays, it's amazing raising young
Rule number one: keep your fazers on stun!