Meat Grinder

Trippin off the beat–kinda
Drippin off the meat grinder
Heat niner, pimpin'
Strippin soft sweet minor
China was a neat signer
Trouble with the script
Digits double dipped, bubble lipped, subtle lisp
Borderline schizo
Sorta fine tits though
Pour the wine, whore to grind, quarter-to-nine, let's go
Ever since 10.11. glad she made a brethren
Then it's last down
7 alligator 7 at the gates of heaven
Knockin, no answer
Slow dancer
Hopeless romancer with the dopest flow stanzaz
Yes no? Villain.
Metal faced t’Destro guess so still incredible in escrow
Just say ho!
I'll test the ya yo
Wild west style fest
Y'all besta law low hey bro day glo
Set the bet day dough
Before the cheddar get away
Better get Maaco
The worst-hated god who perpetrated odd favors
Demonstrated in the perforated Rod Lavers
In all quad flavors (Lord, save us)
Still back in the game like Jack Lallane
Think you know the name
Don't rack ya brain
On a fast-track to half-sane
Either on a slow beat or that the speed of "Wrath of Kane"
Laughter...pain "hack-thoo'ing"
Songs lit in the booth with the best host
Doing bong hits on the roof within the west coast
He's at it again
Mad at the pen
Glad that we win
A tad fat in a bad hat for men
Grind the cinnamon
Manhattan war mongers,
You can find the Villain in satin...congas...the van screeches,
The old man preaches 'bout the gold sand beaches,
The cold hand reaches for the old tan Ellesses...