DOOMSTARKS - Victory Laps

Bust off your straps after Victory Laps,
Poor Rhymacidal maniac, rap run runners,
Kingpin numbers they kick knee-slap stat,
Dreidel loose
Villain on the track in your town like Ringling brothers,
Bring rings around clowns, Got 'em bowing down,
In surround sound, drown (word)
Pawn* something for a small fortune,
Go broke, sell portion to an auction, Caution
Name your price and that times fourscore of course no love loss
Enter the town on tour de force, cost more
Give or take the off day, short stay,
In case the gaudy shorty need the horse play, raw hay
Breaking in the door, no connection,
Came home lames bidded, still paying protection.
Villain no kiddin' when he ainít rhyme checkin',
Or under some shine with a fine dime neckin'
He lighten' up the olden big torch which sparks glow
A gimp god's corso, pass it off.. Starks go

Bringin' it home it's the relay laps
Twist caps, puttin' 'em on they ass
The other half on they neck and they back,
Prepare your best for the victory laps
Take titles and give Ďem back, World Series hummers,
Veteran numbers still spit that crack,
Bottles of Goose in the backpack
Talking like "there Tony Starks donít you dare let us down"
The hits be immaculate and accurate
Like the targets of J Plummer (word)
Started all that talk of being a gunner,
Beef in the winter leaves the death in the summer,
Switchin' le Franks army tanks,
Fuck a bodyguard, it's me in the iron,
Iím secure like federal banks, pirates
Y'all niggas better walk the plank, motherfucker!

Blucka bucka compliments of the gentlemen in all black,
In the back softball, stack off the wall, plaque
Fall slack, track of this is tricky,
Helped her fix the problem with the rack and pinion doohickey
Not too quickly
They softer than a kooch,
As I proceed to pop the clutch like a hooch, boosh!
It broke loose, Scratched the side, slidin',
Disappeared off the horizon, glidin'!
Youíre now ridin' with the rue, gin and ginseng, drinkin'
Sing a sting song smooth as mink skin
Drop a jewel to keep the king's men thinkin',
Filthy Metal fingers leave the ink pen stinkin'.
Move, the lab is in a mess
Reekin' speak it from the heart like a stabbin' in the chest
Leakin' in a cab, in distress,
Blinkin', home, poems ringin' in his dome clingin' to chromosomes!